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& Under-funded. 

Black businesses are nearly twice as likely to be at risk of financial distress than any other ethnic background. The contributing factors are are a lack of access to capital, business knowledge and resources. The Black Billionaire Institute is working to change this narrative. 

Black Billionaire Institute is PROUDLY founded, owned and operated by female black entrepreneur, Dina Davis. 

We know the challenges.

We understand the struggles.

We want to walk with you through the journey of entrepreneurship, hand in hand. 

and no one should be without guidance.

A platform designed for the

Under-served. Un-represented. Under-funded. 

Black Billionaire Institute is a business development platform curated to provide underserved black companies and people of color with core business principles. We provide online courses, partnerships, and strategies that align with transforming each member’s small business into becoming a thriving empire.

Our platform is one that strives to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and current business owners with the technical and fundamental skills necessary to elevate their knowledge and expertise through consulting, training and content . 

Because we all need to start somewhere

How we help our community

What We Offer 

We are more than just a platform, we are an online community!
live webinars
community business advisory board
monthly business bookclub
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business ebooks & checklists

What makes us different?

We make business concepts relatable and easy to follow

Our platform offers a variety of services that help make doing business easy to understand and implement.  The jargon for business is constantly evolving. However, the concepts remain the same.  

Black Billionaire institute simplifies business concepts and helps members implement easy to follow step by step roadmaps to creating business, but also scaling your business  to the next level. The topics we teach vary from business plan development for new entrepreneurs to creating automation systems to help scale existing businesses. It doesn't matter where your levels are we have something for every stage of business ownership.


We hope to create a diverse environment where like-minded small business owners can come together and create positive change for our community. From education to training to mentorship, our online platform truly solves the problem of minorities being underrepresented in the 8-figure arena. With access to a team of successful black business owners, you will have everything you need to build your very own thriving empire.

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We are a movement to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through resources, engaging experiences and support. The success of our business is our business. We hope to provide an environment for black businesses to be stronger contributors within our communities by improving the economic status of society.


It's time to welcome the world to more Black Billionaires!

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Black Billionaire Institute was founded on the idea that if you teach a man how to fish, he'll eat for the rest of his life. Our program shortens the learning curve of business so you can spend more time making money instead of mistakes. We are a one-of-a-kind online platform that gives access to black business owners to help them grow and succeed in business.

Our Mission

Through our exclusive membership we  plan to level the playing field for minority entrepreneurs and bridge the gap between poverty and wealth.


Simply put - we want to make Black Billionaires the new normal. 


Our Vision

Our vision is the eliminate the learning gap of black businesses by creating a platform that provides members with valuable insight, tools and strategies that will shift the trajectory of black businesses around the world. 

The success of your business

is our business!

Being an entrepreneur is all about taking calculated risks and doing the unimaginable. A good businessman knows that without risks, you can't reap rewards. When Mike Tyson was asked how he became such a successful boxer, he famously answered "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."


That's what entrepreneurship is all about; having a plan and sticking to it until someone punches you hard enough to make you change your business strategy. Luckily for you, we're shortening the learning curve.


We teach our members how to stay ahead of the "punch" and when to pivot by applying business strategies that will not only set the foundation for your business but will assist with transforming your small business into the thriving empire we know it can be. 

Taking Strategic Steps

Creates Billion Dollar Empires!

We are in the business of helping entrepreneurs start and scale successful businesses into empires. 

Being a business owner is no easy task. It requires dedication and work.

Each of our members has exclusive access to our program's library of tools and resources, an online community of like-minded individuals who are also working on their own businesses, and mentorship opportunities with professionals or people who have already started their own businesses. Whatever stage of your business you are in, there is always room for growth!

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